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Functional Drinks

HSkin-c Skin Rejuvenation Collagen Beauty Drink

HSkin-c Collagen Beauty Drink
  Made in USA

It is clinically proven that oral administration of Bioactive Collagen Peptides® improves skin elasticity that leads to firmer skin, along with enhanced hydration, reduced the appearance of wrinkles, and improved epidermal barrier regeneration.

HSkin-c Skin Rejuvenation Collagen Drink contains Bioactive Collagen Peptides® that help protect the skin from free radical damage and oxidative stress amongst other potentially harmful factors. When enjoying HSkin-c, it can be assured that only the finest ingredients complement the wide array of pure collagen health benefits. Bioactive Collagen Peptides® are at the core of our drinks; they not only allow for optimal collagen absorption in the body, but also timelier results while stimulating the body’s own natural collagen production. Containing 5,000mg of concentrated Bioactive Collagen Peptides®, along with an additional 150mg of HSkin-c Lutein™ which is cliniically proven to protect against harmful UV damage to the skin. The 70mL HSkin-c Skin Rejuvenation Collagen Drink has the ptency of a day’s worth of collagen and skin support. This revolutionary drink is changing the way people address skin health and their collagen consumption--one bottle relaces a day’s worth of collagen pills and supplements!

據臨床證明,口服的生物活性膠原蛋白多肽®改善了皮膚彈性從而緊緻肌膚, 隨著強化的保濕效果亦可減少皺紋的出現,並改善了表皮再生障礙。

HSkin-c 膠原蛋白美肌飲含有活性膠原蛋白多肽®可幫助皮膚免受自由基的損害及尤其是有害因素做成的氧化應激。當您享用HSkin-c時, 它可以確保只有最優質的材料以補充純膠原蛋白廣泛的健康益處。生物活性膠原蛋白肽®是我們飲料的核心, 它不只允許最佳的膠原蛋白在體內吸收, 也可同時刺激人體自身天然膠原蛋白的產生。HSkin-c包含了5,000毫克濃縮的生物活性膠原蛋白多肽®,隨著已被證實的額外150毫克葉黃素可防止有害的紫外線對皮膚做成的傷害。這70毫升的HSkin-c膠原蛋白美肌飲具有一天所需的膠原蛋白及對皮膚的支持。這創新的飲料正改變人們探討皮膚健康及膠原蛋白的消耗閏- -一瓶代替了一整天的膠原蛋白藥片和補充劑的價值。

  • 0g Fat + 0g Sugar + Gluten-free
  • Help protect the skin from free radical damage and oxidative stress.
  • Contains 5,000mg of concentrated Bioactive Collagen Peptides®.
  • Contains 150mg of HSkin-c Lutein™ which is cliniically proven to protect against harmful UV damage.
  • Has the potency of a day’s worth of collagen and skin support.
  • 0克脂肪 + 0克糖 + 不含麩質
  • 幫助保護皮膚免受自由基的損害和氧化應激。
  • 含有5,000毫克濃縮的生物活性膠原蛋白多肽®
  • 含有150毫克的HSkin-c葉黃素,已被證實可保護皮膚免受紫外線做成的傷害。
  • 含有1整天所需要的膠原蛋白及對皮膚的支持。

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Q10 Collagen Beauty Drink
Q10 膠原蛋白美肌飲

Q10 Collagen Beauty Drink Q10 膠原蛋白美肌飲


The essence for beauty esthetics
Our Skin is suffering from dehydration, free-radical damage and toxins from the environment every day. Except for rehydrating, are there any better ways to rejuvenate our skin and restore youth and beauty? Skin beauty products are sold everywhere nowadays. However, are those products contain effective ingredients for better absorption? Do consumers finally get high-end beauty products? The formulation of Q10 collagen drink proposes precious collagen from blue fin tuna through patented extraction technique with nano-scaled CoQ10 through exclusive technique, which can achieve better absorption. Every single droplets of the essence provides visible efficacy to rejuvenate our skin.

外在環境使我們的肌膚每天都在流失水份、受自由基傷害,除補水外,是否有其他更好的方式能夠還原 肌膚青春活力? 市面上美肌商品林立,但其所含的成分真的能夠讓人體好吸收、展現效果嗎? 我們克服 了技術問題,使用專利萃取技術而獲得的黑鮪魚膠原蛋白,加上獨家技術奈米化CoQ10,讓喝進去的每 一滴精華滲入細胞、發揮最大的功效;由內而外進行保養,美肌效果看得到。


  • The precious collagen from blue fin tuna was extracted through the exclusive technique recognized by several international innovation competition, can preserve moisture in our skin and provide antiwrinkle effect.
  • Water-soluble collagen: molecular weight smaller than 3000 kDa is easier for body to absorb, less scent and flavor.
  • Ultra-nano sized (50nm)soluble CoQ10 molecule: not only halted senescence but also has strong anti-oxidant effect.
  • Hyaluronan Acid: capable of holding water within body and moisture in the skin, creating an ideal environment for the generation of new skin cells.
  • We always find our way to propose lower-cost/high-quality ingredients due to our global integrated supply chain. With our accumulated experience in OEM/ODM and cost control ability, we can provide you with best quotation and ideal MOQ for your advantage in marketing.
  • 榮獲多個國際發明獎的萃取技術,將來自海洋稀少珍貴的鮪魚膠原蛋白萃取出來,成分精純又低熱量,肌膚保水、抗皺效果顯著提升。
  • 水溶性膠原蛋白: 分子量小於3000 道爾頓的膠原蛋白,人體極易吸收,無臭無味,美麗無負擔。
  • 超微粒奈米(50nm) 水溶性CoQ10 小分子: 超強抗氧化功能,因此不僅可以延緩身體的老化,在肌膚上的效果更為明顯。
  • 玻尿酸:從體內保濕補水,增加肌膚彈性飽滿度。
  • 我們機能性飲料在價格上有極佳竸爭優勢,因全球整合採料生產,成本大幅控制,且多年專業代工經驗。

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Whitening Antioxidant Drink

Whitening Antioxidant Drink 美白抗氧化飲


One bottle a day, whiteness from inside out
Being a white beauty is not easy, except for regular sunscreen, whiteness should be from the inside out! the best whitening weapon for modern people in busy lives-Pure Whiting Drink, which can be complementary and rapid absorption at any time, drank the skin supple translucent, cumulative powerful whitening energy to repel the melanin, Let you become the bright white aqua beauty!

一天一瓶 白皙從裡透出來
白皙美人養成不易,除了平日的防曬之外,美白工作更要由內而外! 符合現代人忙碌生活的最佳美白秘密武器-美白飲,可隨時補充、迅速吸收,喝了肌膚水嫩透亮,累積強大的淨白能量以擊退黑色素,讓 您成為亮白水美人!

  • The all-around whitening care formula, inhibition, desalination, remove melanin, whitening is so easy.
  • The lily extract could significantly inhibit tyrosinase enzyme activity and the production of melanin due to rich saponins. The skin whitening efficacy with excellent, at the same time have high antioxidant capacity.
  • Rice bran extract (containing ceramide): Ceramide is a presence on the skin keratinocyte between cells, an important component to sustain cell stroma and maintain skin moisture.
  • Acai berry extract: Containing more than 30 times higher than the red wine polyphenols and anthocyanins, antioxidant. Acai Berry Extract has high amount of unsaturated fatty acids, trace elements and active ingredients, can strengthen the skin antioxidant capacity, resist the external environmental damage, and boost metabolism to promote the new supersedes the old.
  • Olive leaf extract (containing Oleuropein) shows 30 times higher anti-oxidant power than orange and tea, thus effectively reduce the active oxygen and improve formation of collagen; leading to a younger appearance.
  • 全方位美白照護配方,抑制、淡化、排出黑色素,讓美白能夠面面俱到。
  • 百合萃取:含豐富皂苷,能顯著抑制酪胺酸酶(tyrosinase) 活性,抑制黑色素生成,具極佳肌膚美白功效,同時具備高抗氧化力。
  • 米糠萃取(含神經醯胺): 神經醯胺是一種存在於肌膚角質細胞與細胞之間,是屏障脂質的生物分子,維持細胞間質中相互維繫、連結的重要成份,是角質潤澤的重要功臣,也是維持肌膚的水分重要成分。
  • 巴西莓萃取:含有比紅葡萄酒高30 倍以上的多酚類及花青素等抗氧化物質,高量不飽和脂肪酸、微量元素及有益的活性成分,可強化肌膚抗氧化力、抵禦外在環境傷害、促進新陳代謝,讓肌膚回復年輕、白皙透亮的能力。
  • 橄欖葉萃取:橄欖多酚提供高出柳橙和茶葉約30 倍的抗氧化力,擊退活性氧,更能促進膠原蛋白生成,喚醒年輕活力。

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Detox Drink

Detox Drink 速暢飲-排毒防便秘


Drink to resolve long-term constipation!
The Japanese huge job stress and unhealthy lifestyle is well known, but the average life expectancy in Japan is the world's top of longevity. Plum helps to maintain a healthy intestinal environment. It is the secret of Japanese longevity. The product contains rich plum essence which prevents constipation.

日本人的龐大工作壓力與不良生活方式眾所皆知,但日本平均壽命於全球仍名列前茅,其中日本長壽的秘 訣就是順暢排便! 梅類可保腸道潔淨健康,日本戰國時期,大將軍豐臣秀吉命士兵以梅解便,無肚痛及腹 瀉症狀,是行軍必備食物;豐臣秀吉最愛夫人北政所寧寧,亦以食梅養生美顏而聞名天下,進而締造了日 本「若要長青,腸中長清」的梅子養生智慧。

  • Detox Drink may resolve long-term constipation within 12 hours and also eliminate your bad breath, swelling, as well as relieve allergy.
  • This product contains four different kinds of plum extracts and cathartic drug-free.
  • This is a natural and healthy product which is suitable for long-term drinking.
  • 速暢飲可於12 小時內解決長期便秘及排清宿便,即時舒緩肚脹肚痛等症狀;除口氣、消水腫、緩過敏。
  • 4 種梅類精華的天然成分,不含藥物瀉劑,可自然解便。
  • 天然健康,可長期食用。

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